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  • Monday, February 23, 2015 at 8:03 am

    For what it’s worth I can see why your partner loves your body. You look fab! I understand compared to ore pregnancy you may not feel that way but your boobs arnt nearly as bad as you described, they are perfect shape and even, you have a beautiful womanly hourglass figure, and the apron… Well I suppose that’s to be expected but seriously…. It’s very minor! You don’t have any stretched saggy tummy skin or anything. I’m obese and have lost 23kg. The saggy skin is awful and makes me understand why people want to put the weight back on, but I would be stoked to have a body like yours. I wish I ha the confidence to show you my body so you appreciate yours a little more, but I just can’t! I’m scary to look at
    And will have to have a body lift when I get to desired weight. It’s very bad.
    Embrace your sexy curves, ignore the apron until you’ve finished having children and then if financial, have a tummy tuck if it will make your life better. If not, leave it as is, and be proud that your body can endure so much and still look tht good. :)

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