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  • Friday, January 2, 2015 at 4:58 am

    Personally I think you look stunning! Your hair is so thick – this makes me jealous most of mine fell out around month 5 pp – and your baby cave (what I’ve taken to calling my mum tum) isn’t terrible at all. You’re really flat, especially after twins. I suffered/am suffering from PND and my poor deflated boobs are usually the source of my body rage. But I forced myself to go out walking every day and it worked. The first few times it was literally just a 10 mins stroll around the estate and then I found places to go where I didn’t have to see anyone but I could walk further. Now my grandfather has bought me an ‘out n about’ pram with big bouncy wheels so I can go on proper country walks. Once id started that the extra pounds began to melt off and, I think the outdoors helped, as I started to eat better and healthier. Now I’m pretty much the same weight I was pre pregnancy (definitely not the same shape! But I look at that as a perfect excuse to go shopping and try out a new style that I’d never have gone for before) and I’m beginning to come to terms with my extra width and lack of boobs! Also, bio-oil worked a treat on my stretch marks…

  • Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    I found you when I got sad about my post-twin body and googled ‘hate my belly twins’. You look exactly, exactly the same as me.
    I am 36. Three kids ago, I used to be slim and athletic. A runner. Now I feel like no amount of exercise helps (not that I have lots of time for it… the twins are 6 months old)
    I nurse them, and eat like crap because I’m so hungry all the time. I feel stuck indoors during this brutal prairie winter. And my husband has flat-out said the twins ‘decimated’ my body.
    We can’t live like this forever, right? It won’t be like this forever right?
    I miss my fit, strong, lean self so much. And my abs. Two c-sections later I may never see them again either.

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