I Love You Guys, Okay?

I’ve been struggling this week with negativity and feeling like people in general are forgetting to listen to others and care about how they feel. I think it’s so important to remember to have empathy for others – I would argue that it might even be the ultimate purpose of our lives here on earth, if there is a purpose. And when I hear one person after another judging the people around them, it wears me down.

And I thought, god, I wish people would just be loving to one another.

And then I thought. Hey. I can do that.

So here I am sharing some love. Mamas, you are perfect just as you are. If you have stretch marks, I want you to remember that they are a normal part of having a human body and are therefore beautiful. If you have loose skin, I want you to remember that that is also a part of the experience of motherhood. Time, if not pregnancy and nursing, pull our breasts lower as a normal part of life. Some of us breastfeed and some of us do not for a variety of reasons. Some of us practice attachment parenting and others do not. Some of us act as surrogate moms and others adopt their babies. There is no right or wrong way to be a human, to be a mother. All paths in life have beauty and you are beautiful in those paths. Thank you for being you.

Go share some love with the people around you, okay? Bring some positivity to today.

And don’t forget to check out the post from earlier today. There’s some exciting stuff happening!

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