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  • Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 7:23 am

    Honestly you look beautiful, and your belly will get flatter the older your baby gets. I’m 21 and I have a 1 year old and I didn’t start toning up until maybe a month ago, I still have loose skin but only when I sit down or bend over, for the most part no one can tell. My breasts are saggy too, but they’re my breasts and I can’t afford any surgery right now. You really don’t look bad at all! You look skinny to me, you just have a little more baby weight that needs to come off, and it will, just give it time. I understand feeling insecure when having sex because I still do that, I have stretch marks all over my belly, back, and thighs. But my boyfriend tells me he doesn’t notice them and he loves my body, so sometimes you have to put your insecurities to the side. I also started working out and it makes me mentally feel so much better! You’re being hard on yourself when all I see is a beautiful body. Give it time and it will tone up. I promise, you’re beautiful!

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