Doesn’t it Make You Wonder? (Alicia)

Reader Alicia commented on a recent post and I found her quote to be so relevant – such a simple and perfect way to sum up why we are all here at this site – that I wanted to share it with you, bolding the part that struck me as especially important.

doesn’t it make you wonder? what are we ashamed OF exactly? why are we embarrassed, what have we done to be embarrassed of? who is our anger directed toward?

i finally realized something. the longer i act ashamed of and embarrassed by my body, the longer i hide it, the more i propagate the belief that i have SOMETHING to be ashamed or embarrassed of! not only that, but what kind of example to we set for our children by feeling ashamed of something that is so natural?

let’s stop hiding our bodies and start showing the world what a REAL woman looks like! it’s not going to happen overnight but who knows? someday maybe our daughters can be proud of those stretchmarks, and our sons will be exposed to reality, not airbrushed and photoshopped bodies!

if i can do it, with my stomach that looks like an elephant knee – then you can definitely do it! one day at a time

We are all, of course, here to work on ourselves as individuals – and that is deeply important work. But, I hope we are all here to change the world a little bit, too. Even one comment at a time can have astounding effects on people. Let’s take this to heart and remember that loving our bodies does more than just make us whole in our womanly selves – it makes the world whole as well.

As an aside, I want to apologize for my recent absence. I fell far behind here due to a combination of general business, holiday and birthday preparations and that evil head cold everyone you know has. I’m back now and hope to be catching up quicker than I was before! And I hope you all avoid the sickies like the plague!

One thought on “Doesn’t it Make You Wonder? (Alicia)

  • Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Elephant knee. Too funny… and I’m right there with you sister! I have always had a beautiful body and have had a great body image my entire life. I enjoyed my own idea of perfection for 37 years. I spent lots of naked time in spas and even nudist resorts. I recently went back to the spa again for the 1st time since my daughter was born…(she’s 1 now) and found it very liberating. My body is scarred and sagging all over the place. Now I get to practice a spiritual lesson I learned a long time ago. I AM NOT MY BODY. I also get to practice the idea that I AM NOT MY MIND as well… meaning, you don’t have to believe everything you think. I think this dramatic physical shift is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

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