Breastfeeding Book

A friend of a friend is trying to gather stories for a breastfeeding book so I thought I’d pass the word along in case anyone is willing to participate. Details below. :)

How to participate:
1. Email me your “Letter to my nursing child”, written as if you were writing to your child, about what it has been like/was like to nurse that child. 2-4 paragraphs. Please know that you may send a letter for each child you have nursed, no matter how many children you have. PLEASE START EACH LETTER WITH, “DEAR (CHILD’S FIRST NAME),”

2. Email me at least 2 good quality pictures of you and your child. At least 1 must be a breastfeeding picture, if at all possible. Modest photos are happily accepted, as well as not so modest. Feel free to include 1-2 non nursing pics as well. Pics will be converted to black and white, so if your best pics are in black and white,
that’s even better! Please understand that pics will be somewhat edited to make them work on the page, but the editing will be minimal, mostly for color, clarity, and crispness.

3. Include written permission for your pictures and story to be used in the book, “Letters To My Nursing Child” by Tami Schlosser.

I’d love to have this ready for purchase before Mother’s Day 2007! I know, it is very soon, but if I get my submissions in, I can do it!!

So, EMAIL ME!!! And pass this email address along!

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