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One Month After Weaning My Toddler (Anonymous)

June 4, 2014

30 years old
Number of pregnancies: 1
Number of children: 1
2.5 years post partum

I admire all the women on this site and I have read many of your stories over the past year. I recently stopped breast feeding (very proud to have breastfed for more than 2 years). And now my breasts have totally deflated and I find myself extremely self-conscious (hiding my breasts from my partner etc….) I don’t like that one side is smaller than the other and how my nipples sink into my breasts. The picture on the left is from about a year before I got pregnant and the rest are recent. Pregnancy and breastfeeding (and now running after an active little kid!) really slimmed me down [...] Continue Reading…

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Mommy of 2 Cesarean-Born Girls (Anonymous)

June 2, 2014

Age: 25
2 pregnancies/ 2 births
4 years and 3 years

My two beautiful little toddlers were born 14 1/2 months apart. I had lost all but the last ten pounds of my pregnancy weight when i became pregnant again. I was happy with my weight, as I was very petite prior to becoming pregnant and my body needed the extra pounds. Although my stomach did had a small pooch above my csection scar, I was still very happy with my body, happy to have those extra pounds that i so wanted before. I was however devastated that my baby had been born by cesarean when it absolutely was not necessary, and I very much wanted to deliver vaginally, so I felt [...] Continue Reading…

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Learning to Live (Anonymous)

May 29, 2014

2 nd baby 7 months postpartum

I had worked up courage after my first to post on here . My body is now changed a second time with the birth of my son . I have diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia that I managed to help a bit with exercise . Some of these pics are 2 months postpartum and before I started the mutu workouts . I’m still about 15 pounds over my goal weight and do not feel attractive anymore . I feel like a box . My boyfriend poked fun at my high waist bikini knowing id never wear a normal one with my belly hang . I wish there was a way to tighten [...] Continue Reading…

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