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Body Image Issues are Real (Monifaith)

September 12, 2014

Today’s entry pulled from Instrgram.

Monifaith – every time I finish a #pregnancy, I have to work on my mind. Just because I’ve had four children doesn’t make me a bulletproof saint to all manners of mass-media messaging and imagery. When I take pics, it helps put things in perspective for me that have gotten pretty out of control in my brain. I’ve been resisting pressing impulsive thoughts to work out maniacally even though my pelvis is steal slowly healing just because I feel like my weight is getting out of control (insane I know, but brains are like that). I’m fighting impulsive negative thoughts regarding my eating (you’re not eating well enough, you’re gaining weight) and I’m fighting thoughts [...] Continue Reading…

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Internet Slowdown Day

September 10, 2014

You may notice loading symbols all over the internet today. Even (especially?) internet giants like Netflix, Etsy, or Kickstarter, along with smaller websites (like this one!) are participating in a movement to protect the internet as we know it. Here’s an article with a good list of FAQ’s about the Net Neutrality situation. It’s really, really important that we keep the internet free. I know it’s opened new worlds to me and changed the way I think, parent, relate to people, and act in the world. The internet made the world smaller, and information more available.

The internet made SOAM what it is, you are here because the internet is the way it is, and you are hopefully gaining [...] Continue Reading…

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My body was ruined and I’m left with nothing. (Anonymous)

September 10, 2014

I have a child and yet I have never heard her cry. Pregnancy dosnt mean new life to me, I lost all happieness and innocence that I ever had. I’m 23 years old, weigh 143 pounds and have an angel instead of a child… I was happy with my prebaby body, 120 pounds, 5’2″, adequate chest, perky butt and a flat tummy. I was thrilled to be pregnant but the entire pregnancy I fought with the scale. I knew being pregnant I would gain weight but that still didn’t make it easier to watch the numbers climb every week. I remember the first time none of my clothes fit. We had dinner plans with friends and I literally destroyed [...] Continue Reading…

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