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Fourth Pregnancy (Anonymous)

July 22, 2014


I’m a 25 year old, 5 foot 4, 10 stone 11 pounds mom of 3 beautiful children. I had 4 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage. They are 5, 2 and six months old. They were all delivered vaginally. First two children were bottle fed and third is breastfed.

Breastfeeding is making it really hard to loose weight as my body is holding onto the fat as a store my doctor and nutritionist thinks! but I will continue to breastfeed until I return to work as I feel it’s the best nutrition for my baby.

I now hate my body. I recently found out that my fiancĂ© was masterbating to online porn. This is due to a lack of sexual intercourse as I [...] Continue Reading…

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Letting Go of Judgement (Anonymous)

July 17, 2014

My daughter turned one a few weeks ago. I went back to the submission I made to this site when she was just two weeks old. It brought back a lot of happy emotions to recall my little newborn and how she came into this world, but it also conjured up a lot of negative emotions.

I felt ashamed. I read the text, and the more I read the more it reeked of self-righteousness, like I knew all the answers. Arrogance.

It’s amazing how much can change in one year. One year. Twelve months.

I’ve learned to let go of a few of things. A lot of judgement. I still judge, but [...] Continue Reading…

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Is There Any Hope For Me? (Anonymous)

July 14, 2014

Age : 24
Number of pregnancies : 1
Child’s age : 3 months old

I am a first time mom.
I do not know anything about pregnancy as I am far away from my family.
I was depressed the whole time and I felt so lonely.
From 120 pounds I went to a whooping 193 pounds.
I am 3 months post partum and now 154 pounds.
I’ve got tons of stretch marks on my hips.
I said to myself it was ok because they will surely fade in time and I thought it was normal. However, weeks after childbirth I have noticed so many on my legs. On top of my thighs, back of my thighs, right inner thigh, back of my knees, and both calves.
I am devastated [...] Continue Reading…

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