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Single Mom, FML (Anonymous)

February 18, 2015

22y/o FTM of 5month old

Well I just need to vent, get it out before I go completely off the deep end. I lay here next to my son and in some ways I want to die. I want to scream and hit and throw things and I want to finally break down and give up. I am so sick of fighting but I have to. I can’t let my son grow up with unhealthy habits, so I have to put a damn smile on and pretend that I don’t hate everything I see when I look in the mirror. I have to pretend that I never think what if I hadn’t had my son. Because I would always do [...] Continue Reading…

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Young but no longer youthful. (Brianna)

February 16, 2015

Pregnancies: 1
( 7 months pp)
Height: 5’3 Weight: 134

I had just turned 18 and graduated high school in 2013 when I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified to give birth because it was one of my biggest fears in life ( yay I did it! Lol) but nothing scared me more than knowing my body was never going to be the same, I was already insecure so as if I needed any more of it. I knew what pregnancy was going to come with. Stretch marks on the parts of your body that you want to show off the most , no more pink hershy kiss nipples that my boyfriend liked so much, and no more smooth [...] Continue Reading…

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Past Possible Miscarriage (Anonymous)

February 9, 2015

My last “Normal” period was October 19, 2014 and I took a test around where I would approximately 4 weeks pregnant and it was negative but then my period was extremely late so I took a test and it was clearly positive then a week later I bleed for 2 days then my symptoms started up again.

Sore breasts, Darkening areoles, Darkening nipples.
Extremely tiredness
Vomited 3 times since positive test
Growing fingernails (currently)
Nausea here and there
My boyfriend slept a lot too and gained weight (a lot) he vomited yesterday

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