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Look at these beautiful bellies. All of them different. All of them once home to a brand new human being. How beautiful is that concept? But I would go farther and even say that they are just beautiful at face value. Perfect and beautiful just as they are.

This site has meant a lot to a lot of women over the years. There is a growing movement right now to question the status quo about how to define beauty and this is massively important to all women and men. SOAM is what this movement is all about. Women who have participated here have said that they appreciate the support they receive here and for every woman who posts her own story, countless others benefit from seeing all kinds of mama bodies. Maybe you will consider taking a moment to snap a quick picture of your body to help us keep SOAM making changes in the world for us and for those babies who have changed us so wonderfully.

All types of submissions are always accepted and cherished, but we are particularly lacking in stories from women of color and I’d love to see that change. We would also benefit from stories of women struggling with fertility, women who have chosen adoption or surrogacy, women who have struggled with surgeries during pregnancy or other unusual health problems, trans women and men who have thoughts to share on the subject of mama (or papa) bodies, and any other situation that you can think of that needs to be talked about more. It seems to me that the more we talk about those unusual situations, the more people benefit from finding out that they are not alone.

Please take a moment to join us. If you aren’t ready for that yet (that’s okay, too!), consider sharing this link with your friends and family or maybe even with your local news sources. The more women who participate here, the bigger the difference we can make!

Love you, beautiful mamas!

Join us in showing the world how beautiful the mama body is. Click here to participate.

The bellies in the photo collage above were graciously shared by the mamas in the following entries:

Top row
“A Message for All Moms”
“Daily Struggle”
“Still Struggling”

Middle row
“I Feel So Alone”
“Beauty Comes From Within”

Bottom row
“Twin Mom”
“Learning to Love My Body Again One Day at a Time”
“My Story and Photos”

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A Message to all Mothers (Anonymous)

Just want to let ALL the mothers know you are all beautiful regardless of stretch marks, saggy/uneven breasts. You all gave birth to a human and that’s a huge accomplishment, I read stories daily on what every one of you say and see the pictures yous post, no matter what your body looks like you are still beautiful and real beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder, don’t feel uncomfortable with your body just remember you all are beautiful, this is coming from a man with a beautiful fiance who gave birth to 3 boys and I still tell her every single day she is beautiful. Hope you all read this and understand love you all and god bless

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Learning to Accept Myself (Daniela)

-My age: 18
-Number of pregnancies/births: 1
-Age of children: 5 months

Last year, I was very depressed and had recently gone through a break up. In an attempt to “numb” myself and my feelings, I began drinking and hanging out with the wrong crowd. One thing led to another and I slept with a boy I barely knew. I ended up getting pregnant on June 2015. I am 5’5 and before my pregnancy, I weighed 130 pounds. By the end of my pregnancy I weighed 190! I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Jade on March 27, 2016 weighing in at 9 lbs 10 oz. I was so happy and still am, she is the light of my life. Everything in my life would be perfect right now if it weren’t for my body and my insecurities. I got lots of stretch marks and because of the excess weight I gained, I now have a belly pouch. At 5 months PP I weigh 160 so I still want to lose at least 20 pounds. My stretch marks were so dark and ugly that I would cry myself to sleep. I started doing derma rolling and dry brushing and it has helped them immensely. I am still quite young so looking at other 18 year old bodies makes me very sad because I look nothing like that. I am also terrified that no one will want me, but I am slowly trying to accept myself. I keep reminding myself that my body is this way because I carried the love of my life in there for 10 months and I would do it all over again for her. She is so worth it

-1st picture: me at 40 weeks pregnant
-2nd picture: 1 month PP
-3rd picture: 5 months PP

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