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Hi there,

I am going to start at the beginning. Well I had always wanted to be a mother I had my first baby at the age of 22. I didn’t plan it and it took me and my partner of three years by surprise.

I had a beautiful boy 11 years ago weighing 9lb 9oz. It was an induced labour and i ended up with a 3rd degree tear into my bottom and over 50 stitches. Times were hard. It would seem that the healing process was more than I could bear and I suffered with post natal depression for 2 years afterwards.

I was too scared to try again for another baby for 7 years because I kept having flash backs to my first labour.

We had a lot of love to give and after 3 years trying to conceive and and operation to help with fertility we were blessed to have a beautiful 9lb 2oz girl.

We decided to try again for another baby and 6 months ago we had a boy 8lb 11oz.

I have always had low confidence my belly in particular has upset me over the years. It hangs especially if I am on all fours or over the top of clothes. I have been working out 3 times a week for the past 3 months to try and lose weight but I know that loose skin is forever a part of my journey and the journey many of us take to become a mother.

I think being a Mother is one of the most unselfish things a person can do. I am learning that my body is an amazing thing. It nourished and grew three beautiful babies. It is the only body I have and as I look around I see more and more people like me.

In some ways we are all warriors. We are braver than I knew possible and have all earned our stretch marks loose skin and wobbly bits. For every time you dont like your stretched belly there would be someone else who would give anything to be a parent regardless of how they look, someone who wishes they could be a mother as well.

I would have never dreamed of showing my tummy or lifting my shirt in public but if this helps just one other person with their journey to self acceptance then it was all worth it. It is ok to not like what you see in the mirror at times we all feel like that but dont lose sight of the person you are on the inside. Youre a mother and probably a damn good one be proud!

My photo is 6 months post partum after baby #3 x


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This photo represents the power of positive social media. Anyone who knows me, knows how insecure I am about my tummy. No bikinis, long tops, loose yoga vests…the list goes on. Two huge babies left me with serious stretch marks and no muscle tone. I’ve been incredibly self-conscious for years since my beautiful children were born…the youngest is now 12! Why do we let unreal images of perfection define how we feel about our bodies. We’re all perfect exactly as we are. The marks, scars, loose skin, tummy rolls, ample hips don’t define us. They show us that we lived. This belly was home for two incredible humans and I would never change a thing. I’m so bored of obsessing over it, hating it, hiding it. Life is far too short. Time to move on. Without doubt this has been the hardest post I have ever shared but also the most personally transformative. Thank you @kathrynbudig and @yogajournal. So here goes to being brave, being real and owning my body.

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Get Cliterate!



Or ladies. OR BOTH!

The Huffington Post has this AMAZING piece on the clitoris complete with the history of our knowledge of it, the anatomy of it, and the political aspect of it. Like. Seriously. You need to read this. And then you need to tell all your friends to read this.

Last night I went to see the Kids in the Hall perform live here in town and Dave Foley did a monologue that began with a statement about the assumption that weight loss is always a good thing (”I’ve just lost 25 pounds. *waits for applause to die down* Could be cancer!”) and ended with him describing a literal river of menstrual blood because he’s “a guy who’s comfortable with menstruation” and if he wasn’t already my hero, HE IS NOW.

Also he was very polite when my friend saw him walking in front of the theatre before the show and grabbed him and spun him around to be in a picture with him. HERO.

Also he was very polite when my friend saw him walking in front of the theatre before the show and grabbed him and spun him around to be in a picture with him. HERO.

I’m writing that bit partly because I’m still high from the evening, but also because GUYS SHOULD BE COOL WITH MENSTRUATION AND ALSO CLITS. And, honestly, so should most women.

So go read this and pass it on. BECOME CLITERATE!

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