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A huge thank you to Rita for allowing me to write a guest post over at Surrender, Dorothy. I really enjoyed writing it. Over this past decade the mamas here at SOAM have taught me so much, about body image, and about life in general. So I wrote a post about the top five most valuable things I’ve learned, go check it out!

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Feminist Friday 3.25


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~Good morning, have some snarky feminist commentary that will give you the giggles.
~Love this beautiful photo series of working moms. <3 ~John Oliver on International Women’s Day last week. If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s golden.
~And don’t forget to check out the Mid Drift Kickstarter. They’re already almost halfway with more than half the month to go!

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Two Sets of Twins (Anonymous)

Two sets of twins and I love every mark on me! Blessed so much my kids are so precious to me and have made my life so much more than I could ever imagine xx


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