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Feminist Friday 4.15


I have just become an influencer over at Mogul (onmogul.com) which is an up and coming new website for women worldwide. I’m super excited about this opportunity because I love Mogul’s mission and the content I am seeing there so far seems to be really great quality. I love this short piece by Kelly Osbourne, and this post by Saundra Pelletier embodies so much of what I want SOAM’s influence on the world to be. So go check it out, sign up, and follow me. Can’t wait to help make the world a little better!

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Some links worth your while:
~This is an absolutely heartbreaking story about a home abortion in the days before it was legal.
~This is… a… thing… that happened? Guys try having periods.
~Five feminist documentaries to watch now on Netflix – anyone want to do a watch together and discuss?
~I’m not really 100% sure what’s going on here on Nintendo’s end of the story, but I think we can all agree that Gamer Gate is just the worst.

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My Squishy Belly (Anonymous)

I just wanted to share the photo I just took of my son falling asleep squishing my belly. I have five children. He’s my youngest, almost 3yrs now. I had to have a hysterectomy and I haven’t been feeling the best since then. I don’t get many moments like this with him since I have been sick a lot lately. So I don’t like how my belly looks but I treasure this moment.


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I know you take entries from women because this is, after all, about the shape of a mother, but I would love to share a story from a man’s eyes and perspective.

I grew up around women. Seven of them and I greatly respect them all. I was raised by all of them as they were all older than me. As I grew I came to see many of these women have babies. As they had babies, their bodies would change but something else would change as well. Something I still admire to this day and love about the wife. The most beautiful thing in my eyes. Many men I know have this hard wired thought that women are the weaker of the sexes. I beg to differ. (I know that’s hard to believe a man said that, but of course you knew that.) What I’ve seen, especially after watching these women push out babies, which takes strength in itself to do, is the strength that women have to love this child. The strength you have to raise this child. The strength you have to push on even when you feel like crap about yourselves for how you look. Your bodies are beautiful ladies and they did something even more beautiful. You brought our children into this world. Know that that is what makes you more beautiful than anything else. I wish more men would tell you this because we may not like to admit it with our, “I’m a man, we don’t say that” type of egos but the truth is… You’re what makes us who we are from the day you become pregnant, to the day we have to say goodbye. Your strength and love is what is more appreciated than anything. So when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, remember the true beauty you hold and smile.

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