The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother

I Feel So Wide and Disgusting (Anonymous)

July 9, 2014

I’am 19 years old, I have two children ages 3 & 3 months both by natural vaginal births. My first (my son) was born when i was just 15 years old. Prior to my first pregnancy i was 160 pounds, it was a decent weight for my height which is 5’11″. On October 31st my son was born 5 weeks premature weighing 6lbs 15 1/2oz & i weighed 236lbs… By the time I became pregnant with my second child (my daughter) i had only lost a total of 16lbs (220lb) from my first pregnancy. To me this was horrible because i knew with pregnancy comes more weight. My daughter was born two weeks early weighing 7lbs 15.7oz & i [...] Continue Reading…

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Depressed, Disabled New Mommy (Anonymous)

July 7, 2014

im 20 years old and its my first baby.

ive really never talked to anyone about this is im always scared to. but i dont like how my belly looks. i thank God everyday for my little girl. but i gained about 100lbs with IsaBella. its very ard for me to lose weight because i am disabled… and the father really hasnt shown me much attion so i guess thats why my weight and they way i look gets to me alot i cant fit into any of my clothes i get so down sometimes i just don’t want to move i just want to lay in bed and cry but i know i have to get up and [...] Continue Reading…

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SOAM Birthday Giveaway!

July 3, 2014

It’s that time of year again! The earth has circled the sun eight times since I started SOAM one day while my little children were napping. Now my children are all big and almost teenagery and SOAM is a worldwide website with more than 100,000 visitors every month. Since SOAM started all those years ago I’ve seen countless other places spring up both celebrating a mom’s body and bodies for women and men who aren’t moms. But there’s no place quite like this one. (And PLEASE don’t think I am knocking the other sources which are similar to SOAM – I am not! They are beautiful and powerful and I love them!) The photos here are not professionally staged [...] Continue Reading…

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