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In my Cyberfeminism class this semester we are reading an old hypertext fiction from the 90’s about the female “monster” that Frankenstein began. In this hypertext, Mary Shelley finishes the creation and this is the story of Her, the Patchwork Girl. It’s amazing. Has a lot to do with learning to piece yourself together and learning to accept your scars, inside and out.

I wanted to share this quote with you all. I feel like stretch marks are a strange sort of scar, they seem less strong than regular skin, the opposite of most scars. But I think being a mother makes you more tender inside, more sensitive to the world.


Here’s the full quote:

“You’re right, I did pity you, but no longer,” I said, “because I see that your scars not only mark a cut, they commemorate a joining.”

“More than that, she said. “Scar tissue does more than flaunt its strength by chronicling the assaults it has withstood. Scar tissue is new growth. And it is tougher than skin innocent of the blade.”

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Hello, im 36 and have 2 beautiful children ? aged 12 and 7.

My first pregnancy came at a time of such a huge loss. Only months before a huge part of my life passed away and the grief was immersurable. The pregnancy brought to us such excitement. I neglected to think what i ate would forever change my body. I thought i could eat what i want and at the end the weight would drop off and all would return to normal! Yikes was i delusional. Little size 8 grew to a 16!! Im short so the weight gain caused stretch marks on my tummy, breasts and my thighs and even calves! I had dark marks all over my tummy and i was so ashamed of my naked body. I was so depressed but so in love with my bundle of joy. He brought so much love into our lives that helped with healing such a broken heart.

I got post natal drepression and PTSD and lost a lot of weight fast. My stretch marks faded to mostly indented silvery lines i went Back to a size 8 by time he was 1. My once were gorgeous perky boobs were saggy and unrecognisable. My nipples had grown so much bigger through pregnancy and not returned to the size they had been. My tummy was more like a bobbly pouch. I hated my breasts so much i tried to wrap them with long cloth so they would be pressed hard against my body so i didnt notice them as much.

5 years later i was pregnant with my second son. I didnt gain as much weight with him and loved my milky boobies that were huge! It gave me a bit more cinfidence however during breast feeding i put on a lot more weight and have yo yo’d ever since hovering between a size 8 to 12. At the moment im a large 12 but hope to get back on top of healthy eating and exercise to drop the extra weight.

I have obsessed about my boobs and dream of having breast augmentation. I’ve researched other women who have gone through with it and love their results! But because finances won’t allow it i will accept what i have for the time being ? im grateful i naturally birthed 2 beautiful boys and was able to nourish them with breast feeding. The first had BM for 5 months due to complications and the second till aged close to 2 years old.

I love being a mother! i have a love-hate relationship with my body’s appearance however mostly im grateful and in awe of what it can do! Birthing and raising children has been the biggest blessing i could ever be bestowed and im forever grateful for such a privilege ?

Huge thanks to all the mothers sharing their stories on this page. You have helped me more than you can ever imagine! It helped me normalise my mother body and accept it. Xxx

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A brief update and something EXCITING!

I exist.

I maybe ceased existing for a little while there dealing with heavy anxiety and a little depression on the side. But I exist again. I hope.

School has started so I am ultra busy now but I will do my best to stay up to date here and with our various places on social media (links at the bottom of the page). In the mean time, it would be a huge help to me if you would share your stories! To keep SOAM running I need regular entries posted and coming up with content on my own is difficult while I am also trying to keep up in school – besides the whole point of SOAM is to hear everyone else’s stories, not just mine! So click here and submit your story. Include anything you feel is important – photos, nude or not, your words or just a brief description. You are helping to change the world here.

And now for my news! I am really excited that GrokNation picked up this piece I’ve written about how skin tells your life story. It comes from a decade of listening to women and pondering about life is and what beauty is. I am very proud of the piece and thrilled to be able to share my thoughts with the world. Check it out and pass it on if you like it.

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