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Age: 27

Wow. Just wow.
I was scrolling through my bookmarks and stumbled across a post I made on this site that I haven’t thought about for years – titled ‘I can’t stand to look in the mirror.’ (July 2010)
The title alone was like a slap in the face.
I actually cannot believe that the sad, lonely person who wrote that 8 years ago was ME.

How much has changed in those few short years!?

My 18 month old and newborn are now 8 and 6, I have kicked my lousy husband to the curb and am no longer suffering from depression. I got a great new job, moved cities – and am seizing LIFE at every opportunity.

Am I now 100% happy with my body? Of course not. I still dislike my hips, I still have wobbly bits – but the difference is now my focus is on fitness, and trying to better myself rather than on ‘getting my pre baby body back.’ I train about 5 times a week and eat clean (well most of the time!)

I am writing this post today, to tell every one of you GORGEOUS mumma’s out there that you CAN do it. Whatever your goal is!

Want to wear a bikini this summer? Buy one, get a spray tan and ROCK it! Want to be able to run 5k? Start with daily walks and then increase over time.

Happiness is a choice, and our children DESERVE to see their mums happy and confident!
If you are feeling like I was feeling 7 years ago, remember – things can only go UP from this point.

First photo is from my previous post – 3 months pp. unhappy, hating my body. Other 2 pics are today, much more comfortable with myself both physically and mentally.

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san diego april 30 event

San Diego mamas! We’re gathering on April 30th in person (location TBA) to share community, discussion, and to take a group photo of us, bellies bared, capes donned. These types of gatherings are deeply healing and empowering. I hope to see you there! More info at our Facebook page or at the #redefiningsupermom link above.

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Moms have so much pressure on them to be perfect all the time and I’m so done with that. I’m done trying to meet these unspoken standards. I’m done trying to fight the double standards. I’m just done. I’m taking back imperfect. Imperfect bodies, imperfect parenting, imperfect lives. That’s what we need to strive for. That’s what we demand that society accepts. The current idea of a “supermom” is no longer adequate. I propose that we redefine it to embrace imperfections in every area of our lives.

We seem to have created this idea that we need to be the perfect mom by having all-natural births, breastfeeding 100%, feeding only organic homemade baby food, being 100% patient 100% of the time, and planning elaborate theme birthday parties and doing them all ourselves. But that’s not enough- we also have to be professionals and thin and smooth and young forever and always 100% put together. We have to be assertive but not so much so that we’re bitchy. We have to be professionals but not so much so that we aren’t “good” mothers but we also have to be good mothers but not so much so that we aren’t professionals. We can’t win.

I’m going to be totally honest here. Taking this picture was difficult. Posting it was difficult. I am not feeling my cutest lately. BUT THAT IS EXACTLY THE POINT, isn’t it? I am fine just as I am. I am imperfect and that is beautiful. I am REAL and that is beautiful. I am #redefiningsupermom Besides, the entire point of SOAM is that we come together in our insecurities to see how normal we really are. So here I am, perfectly imperfect. Will you stand with me?

Show me your imperfect. Your imperfect body, your imperfect house, your imperfect kids, or parenting, or work. Throw on a cape, or a blanket, or a towel (or skip the cape altogether). Just snap a pic of a messy kitchen, or bedhead, or a belly full of stretch marks. It’s all perfectly imperfect! Share it on social media with the tag #redefiningsupermom and together let’s, well, let’s redefine “supermom”.

In a few weeks, I’ll be having a gathering in San Diego where we’ll take a big group photo of our super selves. More to come on that soon, stay tuned! Join our mailing list (link above) to receive updates in your inbox.

You can read more at the link above or by clicking here.

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