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Special Thanks

This site and design was created with much help from a lot of amazing people.

First of all to my friend, Christine, for the name of this site. It was all her idea and I wasn’t able to get it out there until I had a name.

Second, to Jen for saving my butt several times and, especially stepping in to update the design of this site recently. If you need some work done on your blog, I cannot recommend her enough.

Thanks to Jenn for the use of her photo in the design. And to Torrie as well, for her photo.

A big big thanks to my local friends, Carrie, Elaine, and Allison, for being willing to strip down and let me photograph them for the design of this site. And a thanks to Tara for letting me use her fancy camera to do so.

And lastly, but most importantly, thanks to Scott and crew at Reliable Webs who keep this site running smoothly. I honestly could never say enough good things about them. They are amazing!

Without each one of these people, this new design would have never come together as beautifully as it did. Thank you, each one of you!