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Plus Sized Mummu

2pregnancies, 2 births, 2 boys. 13 months pp. 22 yrs old. I was told from about 16 that I would never fall pregnant, due to scarring on my uterus and falopian tubes from PCOS. Id had my period since I was 13, and was producing 3-4 eggs per month, but none of them would implant, [...]

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Struggling with PCOS (Nicole)

Age: 25 Pregnancies: 3 Births: 2 Ages: Son = 5 years old, Daughter = 3 months old Post-Partum: 3 months I have always struggled with my weight. I’ve been on diets, exercise regimes, and even pills. When I was 17, I was so disgusted with my weight that I turned to anorexia. I refused to [...]

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Age: 23 Number of Pregnancies/Births: 1 Almost 13 weeks postpartum Keywords: postpartum, pregnancy, 1st time mom, vaginal birth After trying for months to conceive unsuccessfully, my husband and I visited a new OB who prescribed clomid. I believed that I was not ovulating, however he thought everything was fine. I got pregnant on the first [...]

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Daily Struggle (Katie)

~Age: 25 ~Number of pregnancies and births: 1 ~The age of your child: 4 yrs I have wanted to contribute here for a while but didn’t know if I could contain all my thoughts on my body image/pregnancy to a few paragraphs. Always needing to do things either perfectly or not at all I have [...]

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Staying Hopeful. (Anonymous)

25 years old I’m not pregnant, yet, nor have I ever been pregnant. I figured this would be the perfect place to come for support with infertility. My partner and I have been trying to conceive going on 2 yrs. I’m hoping that there are mothers here on The Shape of a Mother that have [...]

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PCOS and Me (Brittany)

I found out a year ago now that I have PCOS. Since kindergarten I have been “mothering” everyone. I have always dreamed about being a mom and I feel that is what I was born to do. But with the PCOS and being addicted to junk food I just dont know how Im going to [...]

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Self appreciation, finally. (Cynthia)

Pregnancy can make you feel like your body is no longer your own. It can ruin your self-esteem and make you hate the shell you’re living in. But for some people pregnancy can finally make you feel like your body is WORTH something. This is my story… I’ve always been a bigger girl. I’ve hated [...]

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A Dream Come True! (Anonymous)

When I was 21, a senior in a BSN program and 5 months away from marrying my high school sweetheart my doctor told me that I had PCOS and that my chances of having children was slim and unknown. In fact, she said we won’t know if I could have children until I tried, so [...]

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This is my body now. I hate it. After my CS i was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Polycystic ovarie syndrom. Because of the Polyblabla its hard to lose weight, since everything you eat gains on the stomach. I was a size 36(european sizes.. small/medium) the day i had my girl, and the day after i [...]

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