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Spring Break Feminist Friday

It’s been a crazy week and I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything. I have a lot of great links for you today, but still no time to make up a post here. Hopefully I will get to do a makeup post on Sunday. But in the mean time I wanted to post a link […]

Net Neutrality

This is really important, you guys. Net Neutrality (meaning, if you don’t know, the freedom of the internet to be available to all people at no extra cost) is back in the news this week. And no one really seems to be talking about that. Which is extremely upsetting. We’ve been fighting to keep the […]

Your Mission This Year, if You Should Choose to Accept It

It’s the time of the year where I usually try to write a post encouraging you to commit to loving your body this year. And I do want you to commit to that this year. Make 2014 be the year you find peace in beauty in who you are inside and out. Because you are […]

Happy Birthday, SOAM!

SOAM’s been around now for seven years! I can hardly believe it. Seven years of bellies and learning to love the bodies we’re in. This blog changed who I am and how I see myself. You guys changed who I am and how I see myself. Thank you for that, so much. I hope you […]

Birth Story: a Review

Almost twelve years ago (WHAT.) I got pregnant with my first child. At the time I was familiar with the idea of home birth since a number of my childhood friends had been born at home (I didn’t live on a commune, I swear!), but I didn’t begin planning immediately for a home birth. It […]


I had a post up this morning which I have temporarily removed because I woke up with a terrible flu. In a few days when I can handle the conversation again, I’ll repost for discussion. Sorry, guys! See you on the other side (hopefully sooner than later!).

To Post or Not to Post: Tummy Tuck Stories

When I started SOAM, my hope was to change what our view of normal is when it comes to the bodies of women, particularly mothers. Our current view is held only within our culture. When you look at humans from an evolutionary point of view, you would never imagine that tribal women, untouched by our […]

All you need is love. Really.

Careful use of language is very important. It’s important in your daily life, and it’s perhaps doubly important in this strange faceless world we have here on the internet. There is often language used here at SOAM that makes me feel uncomfortable in one way or another. The thing that I love about you ladies […]

A young girl needs your help to save her life.

SOAM is here to help us learn how to love ourselves. Our focus here is body image after pregnancy, and we have had many mamas here talk about struggling with eating disorders. We try to learn how to love ourselves not only for ourselves, but so we can be living examples for the next generation. […]

And Then We Were Six

Six years ago today, while my then four year old took a nap, I hoisted the baby onto my hip, set the camera timer and took this picture: I put it on a blog and begged my friends to participate by sending me their own photos and to share the link with other bloggers and […]

SOAM in the media this week – and an apology for the technical difficulties.

I already mentioned here a little over a week ago that SOAM appeared in the Daily Mail recently. If that wasn’t exciting enough, it was then picked up by numerous other sources (listed below). Unfortunately too much interwebz luv can crash a website and I’ve had quite the journey this past week into technical-land (which […]

SOAM in the Daily Mail

Looky! The Daily Mail did an article on SOAM! I love the UK. I think they’ve featured SOAM more than any other country, including my own. I do want to mention, though, that in the article they say: “Bonnie Crowder says she wants to fight back against the pressure from celebrity mothers…” And I feel […]

Happy New Year!

I’ve written a short New Year post over at TIAW I think you might like to read. And I ask that you also go read this one, and sign your name at the bottom. Let’s make 2012 a historic year for women! Happy New Year!

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Heh. But seriously? Why can’t we? Every so often there will be a post that inspires controversy in this website. I’ve just closed comments on the most recent one without even reading the ones that appeared in the last 24 hours. Because I don’t have the energy at this moment in my life. I’m grieving, […]

Five Years Old

The last few days have been a strange whirlwind of PMS hormones and the resulting emotions, insomnia and the resulting exhaustion, and some strange allergic reaction and the resulting Benedryl (And, FYI, watching Twin Peaks after taking a Benedryl is, well, exactly how you’d think it is). Under normal circumstances I’d be more prepared to […]

A Comment Left Today by Rosie

Rosie just left this comment on an entry from a few days ago. I love it so much I want to marry it. I found myself nodding along with her the entire time, it’s so true to everything I believe that I decided to post it here as an entry of its own. (Paragraph separations […]

Happy New Year!

I read this article today about a woman who discovered that what she had perceived as overweight turned out to be just exactly who she is (and not overweight at all). It really moved me to read about her inner transformation and her decision to embrace herself and buy new clothes instead of her usual […]

Own Your Beauty: Creativity

Karen’s post went up yesterday talking about how important creativity is to owning your beauty. It’s an excellent post; I found myself nodding along the whole way through. Creativity isn’t something out of your reach – it’s something you already do every day, and something that truly enhances the soul the more you intentionally practice […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the US we are preparing to stuff ourselves silly with turkey and stuffing and gravy. The day gives us a chance, pilgrims and American folktales aside, to remember to be thankful for all that we have. Which is a lot. The fact that you are reading this implies that you have a computer, […]

The Story of You – OYB

My OYB post is up today. What do you think?

12 Steps of Letting Go of Perfectionism – Own Your Beauty

Brene Brown has shared her 12 steps to letting go of perfectionism with BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty. As usual, the woman is full of wisdom. Steps three and 12, particularly, spoke to me. Number three, because it’s something I’ve done myself over the years with incredible results, and number 12 because it is something that […]

Local Get Together

On Sunday several local moms met me in a park to allow me to photograph their bellies for various uses, including a store which I hope to open by next week. It’s always so great to meet people through SOAM. I probably have some form of social anxiety disorder, and if not, I certainly […]

Glee’s Rocky Horror Episode

Spoilers abound for this week’s episode, read on at your own risk! I just finished watching Glee’s Rocky Horror episode and beneath the incredible music (I am not always into Glee’s music, but this episode was possibly my favorite ever) they tackled not only the usual theme of misfits in society, but also body image […]

The Authentic Woman’s Body – Own Your Beauty

My first OYB post is up this morning at BlogHer – go read it and share it with the women and mothers in your life!

A Birthday! And a Giveaway!

In honor of SOAM’s upcoming fourth birthday, I am hosting a DVD giveaway! I happen to have a couple copies of 50 Nude Women which the producer, Margot, is refusing to let me pay for because she is clearly completely awesome. I first became aware of this short film through one of SOAM’s readers several […]

Why Do We Treat Ourselves With Hate?

I’ve noticed a certain sort of recurring comment here at SOAM. It goes something like, “Wow, mama, you look GREAT! Your boobs/belly/bum looks way better than mine – I look like crap and I’m much farther postpartum/younger/had fewer kids than you did.” This comment starts off lovely and supportive but quickly turns dark and self-abusive. […]

A Mother’s Day Post

I had hoped to write a deeply meaningful post to share with you today. I was going to talk about growing older and gaining wisdom and the power that comes with age and with motherhood. I was going to say how our bodies are a reflection of all the internal changes that happen when we […]

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

It’s a bit late for most of you by now, but I just came across this and wanted to share it anyway. This is a subject that comes up a lot here, and I wanted to share with all you mamas who’ve lost a child that I will be lighting a candle for you tonight […]

The BMI Project

I came across this a long time ago and was recently reminded of it – today’s entry inspired me to finally get around to sharing it with you all. We all know the scale lies – that’s why “They” created the BMI, to have a more accurate way of assessing weight and size. And it […]

A Stolen Photograph (I Refuse to be Ashamed)

I was alerted to a certain anti-stretch mark article tonight by reader Sara. The author of this article had the gall to break copyright laws and steal my photograph of myself and my baby son which has been featured on this website for nearly three years. I have politely asked her to remove it. I […]

A Story of “Pregorexia”

A big thanks to Kate who sent me this link this morning which led me to this article about a mom’s personal experience starving herself during her pregnancy. I have long thought that the focus on weight gain during pregnancy is too strong and even misguided. It is a good and important medical tool to […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all you who have participated. To all you who have read the site and passed it on. To all of you who have been empowered. To all of you who have been relieved. To those with stretch marks and those without. To those who no longer recognize their bodies, and those who bounced back. […]

Mention in Brain, Child Magazine

Author Melissa Stanton recently wrote an article on the controversial “Mom Job” plastic surgery package in Brain, Child magazine. She mentions this website in the article. Overall, I think the article is mostly balanced, but I would like to take this opportunity to clear up one thing about this website. The Shape of a Mother […]

Doesn’t it Make You Wonder? (Alicia)

Reader Alicia commented on a recent post and I found her quote to be so relevant – such a simple and perfect way to sum up why we are all here at this site – that I wanted to share it with you, bolding the part that struck me as especially important. doesn’t it make […]

Saturday Night

Last night, at a local coffee shop aimed towards moms, some women gathered with me to watch the amazing film, Fifty Nude Women. I first heard about the film through this site – a reader had sent me a link – and it’s such a perfect idea, and goes so exactly hand-in-hand with The Shape […]

Articles on the Web

I was poking through some old (old!) issues of Mothering Magazine today when I found two articles you need to read. The first I will also link from Save Our Daughters because it fits right in over there and is all about how to teach your children to be tolerant of people of all shapes […]

Minnie Driver – “Podgy and fat” and completely awesome.

A reader sent me this article a few weeks ago now and I’ve only just now gotten to read it. How refreshing! Thank you, Minnie Driver! I think it must be very hard to be a celebrity mom these days. If we feel watched after our babies are born, I can only imagine how they […]

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