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My Own Ramblings

You probably saw this photo of this professor last week on the internet. A student in one of his classes in Israel had to bring her baby to class, and when the baby started fussing, she made to leave, but her professor took the baby and soothed him and continued teaching. Which is amazing. I [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood changes a person internally and externally. The current societal standards do not accept the outward changes, and they don't understand the inward ones. To become a mother is to change a person as much as metamorphosis changes a caterpillar into a butterfly. We become unrecognizable. We become beautiful. Many times motherhood begins with a [...]

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Spring Break Feminist Friday

It's been a crazy week and I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything. I have a lot of great links for you today, but still no time to make up a post here. Hopefully I will get to do a makeup post on Sunday. But in the mean time I wanted to post a link [...]

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Net Neutrality

This is really important, you guys. Net Neutrality (meaning, if you don't know, the freedom of the internet to be available to all people at no extra cost) is back in the news this week. And no one really seems to be talking about that. Which is extremely upsetting. We've been fighting to keep the [...]

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It's the time of the year where I usually try to write a post encouraging you to commit to loving your body this year. And I do want you to commit to that this year. Make 2014 be the year you find peace in beauty in who you are inside and out. Because you are [...]

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Happy Birthday, SOAM!

SOAM's been around now for seven years! I can hardly believe it. Seven years of bellies and learning to love the bodies we're in. This blog changed who I am and how I see myself. You guys changed who I am and how I see myself. Thank you for that, so much. I hope you [...]

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Birth Story: a Review

Almost twelve years ago (WHAT.) I got pregnant with my first child. At the time I was familiar with the idea of home birth since a number of my childhood friends had been born at home (I didn't live on a commune, I swear!), but I didn't begin planning immediately for a home birth. It [...]

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I had a post up this morning which I have temporarily removed because I woke up with a terrible flu. In a few days when I can handle the conversation again, I'll repost for discussion. Sorry, guys! See you on the other side (hopefully sooner than later!).

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To Post or Not to Post: Tummy Tuck Stories

When I started SOAM, my hope was to change what our view of normal is when it comes to the bodies of women, particularly mothers. Our current view is held only within our culture. When you look at humans from an evolutionary point of view, you would never imagine that tribal women, untouched by our [...]

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All you need is love. Really.

Careful use of language is very important. It's important in your daily life, and it's perhaps doubly important in this strange faceless world we have here on the internet. There is often language used here at SOAM that makes me feel uncomfortable in one way or another. The thing that I love about you ladies [...]

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