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My Own Ramblings

OH FACEBOOK, YOU CRAZY WEBSITE, YOU. (FYI, trigger warning for sexually inappropriate comments.) So this woman has been the subject of controversy. Internet commenters (a.k.a. assholes) have accused her of lying, so she bared her stomach for all and showed the world the extra skin she has left from the weight she lost. I applaud [...]

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A message to our community

Nine years ago when I started this website, it was the only thing like it on the web. It exploded beyond my wildest dreams and within a month I was getting calls from the London Guardian to do a story on it. Over the years SOAM has reached thousands (at least) of new moms every [...]

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Daughters Raising Mothers

My mom died almost four years ago. She had a lifetime of problems (that is probably a gross understatement) and she was a very broken person. Ours was a complicated relationship (also a gross understatement). At the time I brought all her journals, notes, letters - every paper that had helped to define her as [...]

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Get Cliterate!

YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. YOU. GUYS. Or ladies. OR BOTH! The Huffington Post has this AMAZING piece on the clitoris complete with the history of our knowledge of it, the anatomy of it, and the political aspect of it. Like. Seriously. You need to read this. And then you need to tell all your friends [...]

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and then they exploited the #mombod

After the weird and sexist #dadbod trend, women tried to take back their right to exist just as they are, mom bodies and all. Which is, you know, kinda the thing here at SOAM. So I have been hanging out on Instagram and Twitter in the #mombod tags and for the most part loving the [...]

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You probably saw this photo of this professor last week on the internet. A student in one of his classes in Israel had to bring her baby to class, and when the baby started fussing, she made to leave, but her professor took the baby and soothed him and continued teaching. Which is amazing. I [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood changes a person internally and externally. The current societal standards do not accept the outward changes, and they don't understand the inward ones. To become a mother is to change a person as much as metamorphosis changes a caterpillar into a butterfly. We become unrecognizable. We become beautiful. Many times motherhood begins with a [...]

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Spring Break Feminist Friday

It's been a crazy week and I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything. I have a lot of great links for you today, but still no time to make up a post here. Hopefully I will get to do a makeup post on Sunday. But in the mean time I wanted to post a link [...]

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Net Neutrality

This is really important, you guys. Net Neutrality (meaning, if you don't know, the freedom of the internet to be available to all people at no extra cost) is back in the news this week. And no one really seems to be talking about that. Which is extremely upsetting. We've been fighting to keep the [...]

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It's the time of the year where I usually try to write a post encouraging you to commit to loving your body this year. And I do want you to commit to that this year. Make 2014 be the year you find peace in beauty in who you are inside and out. Because you are [...]

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