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Pregnant Again at 5 Months Postpartum (Anonymous)

Age 25, 2 pregnancies, 1 birth. Baby is 5 months old.

Hey mommas! I am new mom to a healthy, happy,and beautiful 5 month old baby girl. My pregnancy, delivery, and recovery were all very easy. In fact, my fiance and I did the deed 2 1/2 weeks after delivery and everything was great. I was exclusively breast feeding until about 3 1/2 months, then started weaning. I had issues with supply since day one. Anyway, my fiance have been talking about the future and we both agreed that we want the kids to be close in age. Our plan was to get pregnant again in March. Well, we weren’t being to careful about sex and now I am about 4 weeks pregnant. We are super happy and excited! But I’m scared about the risks of getting pregnant too soon. I’ve heard about increased risk of autism and low birth weight. I’m scared the baby won’t get enough nutrients because my body is still recovering and the baby’s organs won’t properly form. I’m just scared for the baby’s health. I need to words of encouragement and reassurance from other mommies that have had back to back pregnancies. Has anybody been in a situation like this and want to share their experience? I would really appreciate it! :)

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  • shannon Friday, December 6, 2013, 8:42 am

    I haven’t been there, but my mom has. She got pregnant with my sister when my brother was 6 or 7 months old. They are both perfectly fine (my brother now 32 and my sister 31)!! You can spread your pregnancies out to the recommended timeframe and still have a sick child (my first born was sick). I had my second child 2.5 years after my first and he has special needs (speech delay big time)…so you can do it all “right” and there is no guarantee. Not trying to scare you or sound negative, just pointing out that your child will come out how he/she is meant to assuming you are good to your body during pregnancy! Congratulations by the way, how exciting for you :) Great Christmas gift :)

  • ceh Friday, December 6, 2013, 9:19 am

    I have babies 13 months apart. They are happy, healthy little people. Back to back babies used to be very common. Enjoy your pregnancy.

  • Natalie Friday, December 6, 2013, 9:20 am

    I have. My first two were 1 year apart. So I had a 1 year old and a newborn. I breastfed through the entire pregnancy and still ended up having a FAT healthy baby. My next pregnancy was 9 months after that. My next pregnancy was 8 months after that. My next was 3 months after that…I have 7 children and they’ve all been born pretty close together. It’s hard, but they really have the best relationships of any children I’ve seen. You got this. That baby will be fine. Good luck!

  • Nicole Friday, December 6, 2013, 9:30 am

    I got pregnant six months after the birth of my first son. I didn’t have any health problems either time. Neither one of them planned. Both of them are now 10-11 yrs old and healthy! I don’t think you have anything to worry about. In fact I believe it worked out that they are so close in age. They are best friends and worst enemies :) It was really tough for the first couple of years but looking back it was the best thing for all of us.
    Also…My Mother in Law got pregnant 6wks after her first daughter they are both very healthy girls.
    Good Luck!

  • Amy Friday, December 6, 2013, 9:33 am

    My kids are 14 months apart in age. My son was an emergency csection from failure to progress. Then my daughter was a csection because I developed obstetric cholestasis. She was a month early so a bit small. But now she’s 9 months, my son is 23 months. Both are happy and healthy. My son tries to help with her a lot and they love each other:) he’s not jealous when I hold her and so far they seem to get along great. Hopefully it stays that way as they get older:)

  • kris Friday, December 6, 2013, 11:10 am

    Everything will be fine..I had all my kids close. I’m done having kids now. I’m 25 and have 4 beautiful healthy babies. I got pregnant with my first child(1st n only boy) at 19 just few months after my hubby n I got married. When my son was only 6months I found out I was expecting(we won’t being very careful cause I didnt mind getting pregnant). I had my first daughter at 21 when my son was only 15months old. When she was 15months we were pregnant again..with another girl(we planed). She was born when my daughter was 2 ..my son just over 3. When she was 3months there was a oops n we got pregnant.a.only 3 months after my daughter was born..I’m was scared but became very excited after few weeks..another little girl. I already wanted my
    kids close. N they sure are lol but I’m very blessed n wouldnt have it any other way. My kids were all born natural n all very healthy. My kids weight was good to when born, my son was 8lbs 9 ozs, my 1st daughter 7lbs 14 ozs, my 2nd daughter 8lbs 5ozs n my last was 8lbs 4 ozs. Of course for me I found I had more pressure..more back pain etc for each pregnancy but I still loved it n will miss it since my husband is now fixed. My kids are almost 6..4.5, 2.5 n 19months..they are all very healthy n smart n they play etc..I’m glad they so close..good luck. Everything will be fine.

  • anonymous Monday, December 9, 2013, 9:30 am

    Thanks everyone. I feel much better after reading these post. I’m really excited! Have our first ultrasound on the 12th!

    On another note, for those mommies with babies close in age, how did your body handle it? Would you say it was about the same as your other pregnancies? Did you have a harder time bouncing back into shape?

  • Kris Monday, December 9, 2013, 10:21 am

    My body(looks wise) did not change much at all after i had my second second, my 3rd child change breast a bit(like they got a bit smaller) and my last one didn’t change body either. My body(stomach, hips and breast) changed after i had my first, but not after the rest(3rd child made breast a bit smaller tho). I never really had a hard time losing weight, i was 112 before pregnancy and always remained 115 or under when my baby hit 1-2 months(i was 120 with in days after having them). I am now at 109lbs. I did find my body had more aches and pains each time i was pregnant. I had the most aches and pains with my last Grace. Good luck

  • Brea Monday, December 9, 2013, 1:05 pm

    All I can say is you go girl..lol..we barely started DTD at 6 months PP lol! you mustve really wanted it b/c I never ‘felt’ the same down there! good luck though, Im sure everything will be fine..you became preggo and that is how our bodies are designed :)

  • Ann Sunday, December 22, 2013, 7:52 pm

    Mine are just 14 months apart too. They are the best of friends and both were very healthy babies. The first year was hardest, but it was mostly due to a fracture in my back. From all the breast feeding, I developed osteopenia and my bone crushed in my spine. I also have recti diastasis so was in Physical Therapy for about 6 years for back, rib and stomach pain. It was all worth it though. They are amazing kids and love each other so much and are extremely close. They are now 6 and 7 years old. Best of luck to you and drink your milk. : )

  • lakeyt Thursday, January 21, 2016, 9:12 am

    ?m pregnant now, i got pregnant 6 months after my son im a bit scared but i want my 4 kids within 10 years this is gona be my 3rd child and im excited because im getting what i want (girl) but yet im still scared i pray all of us have a safe deliver.

  • April Monday, April 11, 2016, 6:36 pm

    Just found out I’m pregnant and have a five month baby boy hope my body handles it ok

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